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Coastal Sports NJ is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Thunder /Ath-Ed Lacrosse. Thunder/Ath-Ed Lacrosse will be the in house provider of all lacrosse clinics, camps, and other development programs to be rolled out within our Fairfield facilities.

The Thunder /Ath-Ed Lacrosse skills program is geared towards enhancing the necessary skills for all players and abilities, regardless of gender, to achieve success. The Program will provide lacrosse training for beginners up to elite level lacrosse player’s age (U5-U18). A minimum of one professional lacrosse trainer per 8 students will be provided for all training sessions (8:1 ratio).


Read more about Coastal Sports NJ and Thunder / Ath-ED Lacrosse partnership here.




Who is Thunder Lacrosse?

The Jersey Thunder is the traveling team for the Ath-Ed Lacrosse League. Keeping our basic principles in mind, we want you to PLAY a lot, not PAY a lot. Although our traveling team is a fraction of the cost of most other programs, we will never sacrifice the quality or integrity of our program. We are second to none in coaching, teaching, and honoring the game.  All of our athletes will benefit from our program.


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Coastal East – 22 Madison Rd. Fairfield, NJ 07004

Coastal West – 5 Gardner Rd. Fairfield, NJ 07004


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