Edgar Class

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Soccer Coach

Edgar has been training at Coastal sports for three and a half years. He played for Arts High School and was team captain and All-State during his junior year. He also played in Gothia Sweden for 365 Sports, representing USA as a Striker.

He now focuses all his attention on teaching kids the fundamentals of speed, strength and key skills in order to help them to the next level. Edgar has trained multiple teams, coached at many tournaments and has also been instrumental in helping many of his players at tryouts. Edgar’s teams are located in Essex, Morris and Passaic counties.

Edgar is also our Birthday Party Staff Coordinator at Coastal Sports. In this role, he selects the staff that lead every party and event. He also trains all of our party staff, so for anyone interested in learning more about joining out party staff, Edgar is the guy to go to. Wherever you see Edgar — on a field, on a court, or running a party — you will see someone with a big smile on his face!