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We are proud to offer unique soccer programs for players, teams and clubs in a positive training environment.

Our dynamic soccer program ranges from beginning soccer skills, organized team play, and late-night pick up games. We welcome soccer players from the areas of Essex, Bergen and Passaic counties!

One of the best things about teaching soccer to children is that it is a team sport and involves many of the skills children need to succeed in their future development. To play soccer kids need to learn how to communicate with one another respectfully and responsively as they have to work together. They have to learn to share; they have to come together as a team to meet a common goal and help each other achieve the best in its pursuit. All of these attributes encourage childhood development and allow kids to make friends across cultural boundaries and neighborhood fences. It’s a safe, healthy, and fun environment for children to learn and grow together.

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Living more healthfully and learning to make friends are good goals to have for anybody entering a sport, but the other key to soccer is that it’s fun. Soccer offers a sense of self-esteem and well-being where kids can develop as they see their accomplishments grow. Soccer involves both well thought out strategy and physical movement in a way that a video game could never offer. Instead of sitting inside learning about enjoyment through violent games, expensive toys or isolating television, soccer allows kids of all ages to part take in a journey of  developing healthy body, healthy mind and healthy esteem.

Here at Coastal Sports New Jersey we feel teaching children to play soccer and be part of the team may be one of the best antidotes for the 21st century.

Coastal Soccer was founded with the goal of enhancing the quality of soccer in the United States through the use of professional instruction by successful players. We pride ourselves on our personal commitment to the development of players, teams, clubs and our soccer community.

Our aim is to provide youth soccer players with a foundation of fundamental skills in order for them to better understand and enjoy the game of soccer.

The main goal is to foster an encouraging environment where players can find success on the playing field and grow as individuals through continued participation in the sport.

Coastal Soccer’s original crest represents the intangible but essential aspects of the game which we instill in the our players. Whether it’s a camp week, a club training session, or any other clinics, we are proud to provide a positive example for all of our players with awareness of the Coastal Soccer crest and the values it represents.

Coastal Soccer teaches individual players to work together to achieve ultimate success. We challenge players to contribute their individual abilities toward the objectives of their team. This valuable skill is applied not only in soccer but in everyday life as well.

Coastal Soccer fosters an environment where players are excited to learn new skills, techniques and strategies. We place the highest value on education, encouraging all players to strive for excellence in the classroom as well as on the field.

Coastal Soccer recognizes that players want to test their abilities against those of their peers. Our coaching philosophy endorses fair play alongside a healthy competitive spirit. We encourage players to respect the game, their opponents and themselves.

Coastal Soccer believes in setting goals and trying their best to achieve them. Whether players aspire to win the State Cup or score their first goal of the season, we believe it is important for them to be aware of their progress and to celebrate each accomplishment.