Archery Tag

Welcome to the coolest game ever invented!


Archery Tag is the newest attraction at Coastal Sports. Played with a wooden bow and arrow with marshmallow tips. All participants are provided with the necessary safety equipment ensuring Coastal Archery Tag as the worlds safest archery battle! Players are divided into equal teams surrounded by inflatable forts which allow teammates to hide from their opponents, players take on a safe and fun world of imagination. Teams can play multiple games such as capture the flag, hit the target, elimination and many more! 


Archery Tag Details

Archery Tag is great game for a couple of friends, a party, or to join in with new group of people. It’s easy learn how to play, and skills develop quick in fast-paced seniors.

Once you’re geared up and you’ve found your destination, do some research. See if you can map of the arena and become familiar with your surroundings. It will be very hard to do so once the bell sounds, it’s best to be ready and take cover; Once the arrows are picked up, they fly from just about anywhere!

When throwing an archery tag event/party at Coastal Sports, the theme that you choose will go along with the game you play. For instance, if “Hunger Games” is chosen, players are on their own. Wooden bows begin in a single pile, and players must make/trust allies, while keeping in mind there will be only ONE winner. 

There are a variety of collaborative themes such as “Gears of War”, “Presidential rescue”, “300”, “Alcatraz”, “The Walking Dead” “SWAT”, even “Call of Duty”. Players are broken into teams and presented a mission similar to catch the flag. Working collaboratively to strategize task force and mission success. 

Archery tag is a great team building activity for all! From athletic teams, church groups, corporate department challenges, and many more. 

In this sport everyone is involved and team work plays a major role. Victory is achieved when teammates work together, collaborate, protect one another, and strategize. Teamwork, and only teamwork provides the best chance of success. Individual skills are always important in any sport; however in archery tag, working as a cohesive unit is extremely valuable and equally as important as any other recreational activity.

When you enlist with us, we want you to forget everything else and immerse yourself into the game. We guarantee this game is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and you will absolutely love it! 

Sample List of Groups that have played Archery Tag

  • Variety of Church Youth Groups
  • Corporate team building events
  • College/University Fun Nights
  • Project graduation events
  • Family vs. Family survival games
  • School fundraisers
  • Milestone birthday parties (30th; 40th; 50th)
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties


 Coastal Archery Tag is available for the following activities:

  • Birthday Parties: Coastal Birthday Parties last an hour and 30 mins. To learn more about our Birthday Parties, click here.
  • Special Events: Bat/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Special Milestones, etc. Book your special event here.
  • XLeague: Looking to make friends with the local crowd? Check out XLeague and meet us for drinks after the game!
  • Coastal 2U: Where should we meet you? At your local park? School? Or home? Bring Coastal 2 You!

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