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Brian Martin Academy at Coastal Sports NJ

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About Brian Martin

Over the last 24 years, Brian Martin CSCS, renowned Football Trainer has worked with many of the top rated players in the league. B. Martin Football Academy has strategic locations in New Jersey, Miami, and Southern California. B. Martin Football also runs local and national football camps for all ages with a particular focus on position specific training, medical integration & speed, strength, and conditioning programming.


Brian Martin has been training Pro Football prospects & players since 1992. Brian is the founder of B. Martin Football Academy. Having worked with over 200 players in the league, he has created strategic relationships with key professional sports personnel, positional coaches, and members of the medical & sports performance community to provide a world class support system for athletes. Brian has worked with multiple first round pick players, pro bowlers, & super bowl champions as well as many late round and free agent players who have made active rosters for many years. Brian helps coordinate off season programs all over the country providing current veterans with an opportunity to have a consistent resource for all training, medical, mental & positional needs. B. Martin Football Academy provides a one-stop shop for active players from all levels.