Coastal Sports 2 YOU Activities

Experience Coastal Sports New Jersey right in your back yard! Whether your are planning a field day at your elementary school, a birthday party or a corporate event, we can bring our activities to your door.

Bring Coastal Sports 2 YOU

1. Decide what type of activity you’d like for your special occasion. This can be one or more of the above activities mentioned.

2. Fill out a Request Form.

3. Enjoy the fun! We’ll provide the fun, activities, professional coaches, and experiences that you’ll never forget!


Archery Tag

Imagine dodge ball rules with a huge twist, Archery Tag”¦ The world’s first safest archery battle!


Bubble Soccer

Is Soccer too boring for you? Check out our newest eXtreme sport, Bubble Soccer. Bubble Soccer is playing soccer with the protection of a bumper car”¦. And yes, you get to bump into each other, work out and look eXtremely funny!

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Coastal GA-GA

GA-GA or Touch-Touch is like dodgeball. This game is played inside a “pit” where you dodge, strike, run and jump with the intention of hitting your opponents with a ball below the knee!


Giant Hamster Balls

Our Giant Hamster Balls are eXtremely popular. Imagine you’re a little hamster getting ready to work out — that’s our Giant Hamster Balls.



A combination of many sports, Tchoukball is a great team game and fun for all ages! Try your best in scoring goals off a trampoline!

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