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Coastal Sports offers a variety of sports programs for teens in areas such as S3 HS Soccer Program Offerings, S3 HS Summer Soccer training, and High School Game Prep Training.  Our professional coaches provide expert instruction to high school students in a group-oriented setting.

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Coastal Sports offers training that is a unique and rewarding experience.

Training at Coastal Sports

Coastal Sports offers sports training programs for high school students. Our professional coaches provided motivating instruction for adolescents in a team-oriented atmosphere.


Our training programs include S3 HS Soccer Program Offerings, S3 HS Summer Soccer training and High School Game Prep Training.

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Barry Martin —

Call our office — 973.521.5100

We’ll See You Soon!

– Over 60,000 square feet of field space


– Team and single player sports


– Group-oriented setting


– Professional trainers


– Comprehensive training programs


– Field-turf surface — perfect and comfortable for any sport


– Fields of varying sizes — ideal for class instruction for teens and older
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