S3 Winter HS Training


Do your players struggle with good footwork? Changing direction? Speed? Quickness? Power? Explosiveness? & More?

Coastal Sports would like to partner with your high school to provide a comprehensive supplemental soccer training program for their teams and players.  The S3 program is designed to improve their skills, make your athletes quicker, faster, & stronger through a series of progressive curriculums.  The difference between our S3 program vs. others is that we provide a total package that incorporates speed/strength/skills with the ball into the curriculum once the proper fundamentals and techniques are understood.

  • Intense Skills training (ball mastery, passing, finishing, 1st touch)
  • Sprint mechanics
  • Deceleration mechanics
  • Change of direction mechanics
  • Jumping/landing mechanics
  • Balance techniques
  • Resistance/strength training
  • Plyometric’s / stretching
  • Fitness / Conditioning (GAME CONDITIONING)

Class details:

Mondays | 7:30-9pm | $349

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