Summer Camps at Coastal Sports

About Our Summer Camps

Coastal Sports NJ’s camp curriculums are designed to help introduce, develop and sharpen individual skills. Individuals are then instructed on how to apply those fundamental skills into practical game situations. Our instruction is focused on all of the basic building blocks of the particular sport the participants are engaged in that are paramount to becoming the most complete player possible.

While individual skill development is a major focus, emphasis is also placed on proper field positioning, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our programs are designed for boys and girls of all skill levels, including recreation and travel participants.

In addition to our emphasis on physical and mental skill development, we recognize that providing an enjoyable environment for learning is also critical to the overall experience. We are committed to developing lifetime skills and habits of conditioning. The confidence and self-esteem gained through our camp experiences is invaluable and can only serve our participants well in whatever their future endeavors may be.

Summer Sports Camps

Coastal Soccer Camps

Coastal Soccer Camp provides fun and exciting opportunities for young players to improve their soccer skills. With a curriculum led by Soccer & Futsal Director, Oral Bullen, players will be instructed and challenged based on their individual ability levels. Instruction will focus on both the physical (technical) skills and the cognitive (tactical) skills of each and every player. Our Soccer trainers will teach the core fundamentals of the game, while at the same time emphasizing valuable life skills (i.e. communication, teamwork) that are useful on and off the field.  But most importantly, they will have a lot of FUN!

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Curriculum example:

Hour Activity Description
9am — 9:15am Warm Up Soccer Related Exercises
9:15am — 10am Skill 1 — Dribbling Technical Instruction & Drills
10am — 10:30am Skill 2 — Attacking & Defending Game Tactics
10:30am — 11am Break & Contest (i.e. timed dribbling through cones) Snack and Group Activity
11am — 12noon Scrimmages Small-Sided Games

Camp Lunch

Monday — Friday: Lunch available for purchase – 2 slices of pizza OR a hot dog and chips & bottled of water for $5.

Coastal Basketball Camp

Coastal Basketball Camp offers a challenging, yet fun environment in which participants are afforded opportunities to work on and improve their physical skills and mental acumen for the game of basketball. Our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every individual regardless of his/her abilities. Groups are aligned by age and skill level in order to provide the appropriate level training and challenges for all participants.

Our Basketball trainers will teach the core fundamentals of the game, while at the same time emphasizing valuable life skills (i.e. communication, teamwork) that are useful for on and off the court.

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Coastal Sports Basketball camps will be held at Coastal East, 22 Madison Rd, Fairfield, NJ.  
Players from ages 7-14 will be grouped by age and ability level to create a competitive balance where all kids are provided the opportunity to succeed.  Adjustable baskets will be used to accommodate younger campers and to make sure they can be taught using proper shooting technique.  Coastal sports basketball camps emphasize fun & instruction in a safe, full participation setting.  A typical day of camp will look like this:
9am-9:10  Warm-up and stretch
9:10-9:25    Dribbling and lay up skills
9:25-9:40    Teach the fundamental skill of the day
9:40-9:55     Defensive drill instruction
9:55-10:15   Half court scrimmage
10:15-10:30  Shooting
10:30-10:50   Snack Break –  campers will have the access to the e-gaming room 
10:50-11:20   Contests with an emphasis of fun
11:20-11:55–  Full court scrimmages
11:55- Noon  Camp closing 

Camp Lunch

Monday — Friday: Lunch available for purchase – 2 slices of pizza OR a hot dog and chips & bottled of water for $5.

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